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Chaoyang Xinxuri Heavy Industry Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Chaoyang Xinxuri Heavy Industry Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Chaoyang city Liaoning province economic and technological development zone, on the basis of the former chaoyang xuri cast steel factory, is located in the Ji Meng liao three provinces junction, here is the first bird took off the earth and the first flower bursting, kam towards high-speed, high-speed long high-speed, the deep red and beijing-shenyang high-speed, 101 national road through here, transportation is very convenient.

Company was founded in May 2002, the factory covers an area of 18000 square meters, consists of steelmaking workshop, manganese steel workshop, machining workshop, and finance department, qc department, purchase department, sales department and other departments. Main production of ordinary cast steel, alloy steel, wear-resistant heat-resistant steel and so on dozens of products, widely used in metallurgy, mining, power plants, cement plants, coal, stone factory, and many other industries.

The company has strong technical force, from the beginning of the factory, factory leadership talent introduction, plant engineering and technical personnel 15, now have a title of skilled workers more than 30, in technology provides a effectively guarantee the quality of the products, and in August 2007, passed the quality management system certification. From raw materials procurement, to the last factory production process and products, in strict accordance with the standard operation to use my factory product quality certification management on a new step, is the North heavy industries group, Anshan iron and shenyang steel group, and other places large and medium-sized enterprises supporting cast steel products.

Steel foundry, the existing 5 tons of intermediate frequency electric furnace, the main production of ordinary carbon steel, alloy steel, the largest steel is 30 tons, 5 m * 7 m * 4 m a tempering kiln gas, 32 tons crane 2 sets, 2 crane 20 tons, 10 tons crane 2 sets, has an advanced equipment of the laboratory, and 150 tons scale one. Annual production capacity of 10000 tons. Main products of the ball mill, cone crusher and other mining machinery steel production and processing.

Mechanical processing workshops: Φ 5 meters, Φ4 meters and Φ6.3 meters in , Φ 8 m vertical lathe, Φ4 meters, Φ5, Φ8 meters gear hobbing machine, ΦT160 boring and milling machine and 80 drilling machine and other large and medium-sized minicomputers and landing equipment, all the processing capacity with the factory production of castings.

Company in line with: "quality first, customer supreme" the management idea of innovation, under the leadership of the leadership of the factory all staff work together to provide users with better products, better service, do customers forever friends.

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